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For A Balance Transfer Facility and get a top up of your Existing Loan without Changing the EMI.


Most frequent questions and answers

In a official term ” moving your current outstanding debt from one Lender to another Lender is called Balance transfer”. In  a simple word suppose you have a Running loan from one bank and you can apply to another bank to repay the current loan from your existing bank and take the debt account to the new bank for a better emi and rate of Interest.

There are one thing you need to understand to clarify this question. Firstly, banks and any other lender generally depends on the interest they earn from the lending amount. So it seems often the competitive Lenders gives better rate/Higher timings to return the Principle amount. Hence, balance transfer is always a financially wise decision if you get a proper deal and we recommend to try at least once per year if you are enjoying a big amount of loan curently. 

Yes, Time is a matter so in general Balance transfer takes about 2 to 4 business days for unsecured and 3 to 7 business days for secured loans.

Top Up is a part that comes after balance Transfer and gives you a better credit amount in  a lower rate of Interest for transferring your existing loan from your current Lender to the new Lender. Means It can even Give You a higher amount of credit without changing the emi as the time and rate of Interest can be flexible as per the need.

Balance transfer is a Easier process than applying a fresh loan. The reason behind it is that the running loan has already been given against all the formalities and Documentations. The new lender will only do check out your summery of payment history and other credit related (CIBIL) documents to ensure your loan in the best possible outcome.

You can easily apply for a Balance transfer by clicking the link below or go to the about section of this website and you can apply in a few simple steps.