Insurance: You must know before you start.

Insurance is a legal agreement or a contract between the insurer and the company. It is compensation that is given to the insurer to be protected against any kind of losses or perils. 

It is a guaranteed compensation given against losses, damage, accidents, death, etc in return for a specified payment premium.

There are six types of insurance namely, 

  1. Home insurance. 
  2. Health insurance.
  3. Vehicle insurance.
  4. Travel insurance.
  5. Disability insurance 
  6. Life insurance

Each insurance has its own benefits. For example, Health insurance, is done in case you fall ill and you have a sudden death, then your insurance will be given to your family to lead a life after you with dignity. 

“No matter what, build an emergency fund” 

The above given are some major insurance, besides there is other insurance also like long-term care insurance.  

Key elements of insurance to get valid:

  1. It should be a legal contract. It should be used for legal purposes.
  2. The parties must have the legal capacity to the contract.
  3. There must be evidence of meeting the minds between the insurer and the insured.
  4. There must be a payment or consideration. 

Before buying insurance you should know its importance and how much you should cover according to your needs.  

Insurance is not just an element to save tax, if chosen properly it can provide you with a substantial amount of coverage insurance for your family due to an unfortunate event or an insurable event. 

Generally, insurance can be divided into two segments, life insurance, and general insurance. As the name suggests, life insurance covers the policyholder’s life and general insurance covers your home, life, motor, fire, and even travel. 

Here are a few keys you need to keep in mind while buying insurance:

  1. Understand your needs 

You need to recognize why you need insurance for what purpose and do you need it for a lifetime or for a term year. For example, you want to take insurance on fire for your business premises. This influences your type and term of insurance. 

  1. Align your budget

One can buy highly affordable insurance at a very low premium. One can buy according to its needs. For example for motor insurance, you can omit passenger insurance, for one traveling alone.

  1. Safeguard your health

The foremost priority given to insurance is health insurance. It has the ability to get the best medical treatment during an emergency. 

  1. Research and buy from a reputed company. 

Before buying insurance from a company you should know what the settlement ratio is of the company. Research their work and review it to make better decisions. The premium must matter in any of the insurance so make sure you get the best premium and insurance by comparing.  Digitization has made it easier to compare and get the best. 

This is all about the insurance you must know before buying it. Make sure you buy the insurance which you can afford. 

How Fair finance is resolving all of these issues for you?

=> To choose insurance you might need to go through a lot of research and connections or even sometimes a lot of meetings with the different insurance companies. Hence Fair Finance is here with all the insurance providers at once at the same place for you with a comparative dashboard where you can view and compare the facilities and prices together then choose from the listing and pay as you wish to go.

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