Chose a life partner for you or your loved ones via Credit Score? : Dinesh Das

Marriage is like one of the biggest decision in anyone’s life it is for the person itself or any of the related person. So before we go for a marriage we go and check out a lot of formalities,  like  zodiac sign / “Kundalies” ,  height, weight,  family background,  education level,  cooking or other expertise  etc. But even after that there are various cases where we found that there were a lot of things that we could be making better decisions about the marriage and to be honest,  if we check out the fact 9 out of 10 marriages are broken or suffering due to the financial misguidance.

Now yes there are many questions that we could ask to the bride or groom but the financial part!

Because it is about privacy and if a person is not finally selected then that person would not like to disclose their financials.  Even after marriage there are a lot of cases where the life Partners do not exchange their financials to each other. I’m not opposed to that.  Yes, it would be a matter of respect, pride and privacy as well.

But the worst part comes once, the fiancé or the groom or bride hide about the financials of their current status.

 and if it is the case:  there could be two possible outcome

  1.   might be the person is lying about financial condition and his/her real wealth value
  2. It is exactly not the time when this marriage should we happening,  as he/she might be not financially ready at this very moment.

Now let’s come to the calculation what to do in this kind of situation?

:- You can ask for the credit report and check out his financial records for the past few years and check if that person is having any credit in the market or not.  and if that person is having any credit in the market and if that person is able to return back to the Lenders on time or not.  This is also a matter of commitment he has done.

 and what do we seek in a relationship but commitment and truth.

Now suppose if your part is unlucky,  and you got a person with bad credit report with its histories,  then you know what to do….

There could be another possible alternatives,  hey to the person you liked  I would love for long is having some bad credit reports so I think in that case you should delete your marriage planning and fix of the financial planning first then should proceed for the bigger goal : “MARRIAGE”

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